Siemens Solar Pump Inverters

Solar pumps are becoming more and more important as fuel prices increase and due to the locations power supplies are not reliable. For highly developed areas as well as areas with poor water supplies can be efficiently improved in a state-of-the-art way by using solar pumps.

For applications, Siemens can provide such important components:
inverters for basic solar pump solutions
for user-friendly solar pump solutions with a higher degree of flexibility

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SINAMICS S120 and SINAMICS V20 features:
• Using the maximum power point tracking control (MPPT control), costs can be reduced when dimensioning the photovoltaic system
• Protection functions without any additional equipment:
––dry running protection (load torque monitoring)
––blocking protection (load torque monitoring)
––overheating protection (temperature monitoring)
• Tracking volume flow using the PID curve of the pump
• Automatic restart
• Extremely simple commissioning as no special software is required  Using partners from specialist companies, systems can be constructed quickly and favorably in many areas around the globe, making it easier to access water.


Solution using SINAMICS V20
Application-specific features:
• Wide voltage range
• Compact type of construction
• Simple commissioning (without software)
• Support through the standard support service organization
• Fully automated and simple maintenance

Solution using SINAMICS S120
Application-specific features:
• Integrated Siemens web server can remotely monitor and maintain the system
• Simple software adaptations to address customer specific requirements
• Extended power range (to 90 kW)
• Two infeeds possible via changeover switch (AC/DC)