6-Inch DR56 Submersible Motors

Pumping applications are rapidly changing – and Franklin’s DR56 motor was designed and built in response to many requests for a motor that can operate effectively under these evolving application demands.

The DR56 6 inch motor utilizes our premium encapsulation process to allow continuous operation in water temperatures of up to 50 °C (provided minimum allowable rates of flow past the motor are maintained).

Franklin’s DR56 is the right choice for your demanding, high temperature 6 inch well applications.

Brochure and Leaflet


  • Up to 122 °F (50 °C) ambient temperature.
  • Hermetically sealed stator
  • Innovative high temperature winding encapsulation system
  • 10,000 lb KINGSBURY-type thrust bearing
  • FES91 Exclusive water soluble bearing lubrication
  • Double-flange NEMA mounting for ease of handling and pump mounting
  • Stainless steel splined shaft for maximum shaft/coupling contact
  • Full 3450 RPM 60 Hz design point for superior pump performance
  • SAND FIGHTER™ Sealing System
  • Subtrol heat sensor standard
  • Franklin Electric’s exclusive Water-Bloc lead connection
  • 316 SS and Y-∆ designs are available, consult factory.
  • Extended warranty available when registered with FE SubMonitor overload protection

Special Options

  • Sand Fighter® models are equipped with:
    – Franklin’s exclusive Sand Fighter Sealing System for sand or other abrasives well water.
    – Franklin’s exclusive on winding SubTrol® heat sensor for use with SubMonitor®.
  • SubMonitor is a state-of-the-art electronic motor overload that is sold separately.
    – Mounts in the above ground panel requiring no additional wiring to the motor.
    – User friendly, field proven.
    – Protection monitors for balanced power, overload, underload, overheating, rapid cycling and more.
    – Can be used with or without a SubTrol heat sensor.
    – Supplies superior on winding heat protection when manufactured with the SubTrol heat sensor.


  • These motors are built for dependable operation in 6” diameter or larger water wells.