Lightning Arrestor

These surge arrestor or their equivalents are highly recommended for protecting submersible motor from variety of commonly occurring high voltage spikes which can damage the motor insulation system and cause motor winding failure. These arrestors will not, as is true of any surge protection equipment, protect the motor from a direct lightning strike.

Brochure and Leaflet

Low Cost Insurance Assures Longer Life for Water System Motors.

All pump motors are susceptible to damage by lightning induced high voltage surges. However, the relative high cost of replacing a damaged submersible makes it most economical to provide lightning protection when the pump is installed.

Match Your Motor

Lightning arrestors of a type suitable for protecting submersible motors are available from Franklin Electric. Single phase arrestor No. 150814902 is for installation with line to line voltage up to 250 volts and line to ground voltage up to 125 volts. Three phase arrestor No. 155440902 is for installation up to 650 volts line to line and line to ground.